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Heebe is a revolutionary marketplace with a cause for students and community members to solve different service needs in their locality, while helping families to easier higher education affordability. Register now and become part of the community of change.

Our dream

Create a virtuous circle helping students to make their higher education aspirations achievable through the support of their community, creating future wealth and a give back spirit.


Heebe offers different types of services that can be performed by different-age students, our service portfolio is continuously evolving to incorporate and adapt services to their community demand, currently community members can request services such as Tutoring, Coaching, Pet sitting and babysitting.

How it works

Community members can request the availble services, selecting desired times and other specific requirements, Heebe will connect them to students that better suite their needs.

Why Heebe?

As a community member, everytime you are using Heebe, you will not only be solving your need, but you will be participating in a noble and higher purppose cause. You will reinforce your community ties, helping and knowing your neighbors as the services will be provided by memebers of your locality, your neighbors children, while your neighbors will be doing the same for yours.

As a student, Heebe will help you understanding the path, challenges, planning, to achieve your dream higher eduction while creating your reputation from an earlier stage, that can later be used as well to get into your dream college or job. You will be available to offer services that adapts to your age, personal skills and schedules.

For the community, Heebe will provide services through people who are part of your locality, and will recognize those commuinty members, as families and business collaboration with the project. And will keep the community posted about the common achievements on the higher goals. Creating closeness, enhace our solidarity, and developing a virtuous circle of wealth and give back spirit.

Wait no more and be part of the change, be part of Heebe