Our Dream

Heebe is a mobile platform that uses the power of community to boost students into achieving their educational and professional goals. This is possible by connecting them with different members of their community who are willing to offer them different types of jobs, mentorship and financial help.

While performing different services, students will obtain work experience from an early stage in their careers at the same time Heebe will keep track of their experience, skills and their performance, helping them building their professional reputation since an early stage.

This reputation will help students in the future when applying to their dream college and even further down the line to access better opportunities in the workforce. 

Heebe aims to help students to increase the family income offering several time flexible service jobs that adapts to the students evolving skills, pretending that students can avoid getting into unnecessary financial troubles that could slow down their independency during the earlier stage of their adult life.

We dream that society participation will also create a gratitude feeling and an early stage working culture, that can later be transformed in give back spirit and wealth for the community.

We truly believe the education can transform and make more efficient the society, creating progress, wealth, making it more efficient, creating healthier lifestyles, setting better moral choices, making the world a better place, so the more educated people the better this world can be.

Our Team

Antonio Cano Estrada

Is a college student at Baylor University majoring in Entrepreneurship and Finance. At high school he was exposed to the challenge that his friends, classmates and former classmates were facing to get and stay in college.

As he sadly observed how many good students, where forced to quit to their aspirations, he embarked on a quest to collaborate in solving this complex problem. Understanding the criticality of early awareness and financial planning, he also realized that on the financial side the only real solution was to increase the family income, noticing that a lot of the students started working too late and a lot of them couldn’t work while studying because of the challenge to balance their complex student’s schedule (focused to fulfill the few factors that college can observe) with the existing job offer.

All of these considerations drive him to eventually developed into the best student work marketplace, Heebe. Antonio’s goal is to remove the factors that limit students from achieving higher educational goals.

Luis Jaramillo

Is a college student-athlete at Texas Tech University majoring in Industrial Design, as well he is a member of the Texas Tech Football Team. As a Sophomore at Lake Travis High school, Luis saw how many of his Football teammates have no other option that aspiring to get scholarships and the ones who could not make it needed to quit or drastically adjust their higher education dreams, he heard about the idea of Heebe from his friend Antonio and immediately it connected with it and join the project.

Since then, Luis has been inspired to help as many students as he can through Heebe so they can fulfill their professional aspirations and achieve their wildest dreams.

Mauricio Malpica

Is a professional sales executive with experience working on multinational technology companies as well as a Postgraduate recipient from the Red McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin. Most importantly, he is a father of three college ready children.

Mauricio joined the project as the mentoring voice in the founding team but sincerely felt that the project resonated with him since he personally understands the reality and the struggles parents face when it comes to pay for their children dream college.