The idea

Heebe was created by two high school students, currently enrolled in college, and a family friend to help students achieve their professional and educational goals, by providing them with jobs opportunities that would get them closer to their dreams and improve their community. And with a community that is always eager to support those students, we genuinely believe that we can create a change. So, download the app and become part of the generation of change.

The team

Antonio Cano Estrada

is the CEO and co-founder of Heebe, who first thought of the concept of developing a mobile application that would employ students and would be powered by the community. While completing his junior year of high school at Cedar Park High School, he is also a student at Baylor University, majoring in Entrepreneurship and Finance to maximize the impact Heebe can make in communities across Texas. Antonio serves as the guide for the company's vision and mission.

Luis E. Jaramillo Mosqueda

is the CCO and co-founder of Heebe, who first heard of the idea from Antonio and helped make it a reality by being instrumental in designing and proving ease of use of the application and providing his perspective as a student-athlete at Lake Travis High School. Luis now plays football at Texas Tech University and is majoring in product design to further simplify the platform's use and accessibility for all users.

Mauricio Malpica

is the COO and co-founder of Heebe, who, when he first heard the idea at dinner from Antonio and Luis, developed a great passion for it. As a parent of three, the message of supporting students resonated. Mauricio became a fundamental team member and a mature voice in the company. With a background as a sales executive and a postgraduate in Business Analytics, AI & Machine Learning, Mauricio guides the technological and operational aspects of the company.

"Together, we can achieve what seems impossible alone."
- Antonio Cano Estrada, CEO and Founder of Heebe